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Welcome to Kevin Harkey Books!

You can expect intrigue, adventure, silliness and loads of action as Kevin's cast of characters take you into the Biblical past to uncover miracles and mysteries surrounding the Life of Christ. Each story carries an underlying message from the Bible and prompts important questions about Christ's teachings. However, Kevin's talents as a story board artist and cartoonist bring a fresh excitement to traditional biblical themes. You will find that his powerful black and white illustrations breathe an intensity into modern Christian story telling that can be widely appreciated by today's kids.

Kevin Harkey's experience working as a story man on such animated classics as Lion King, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Tarzan, and How to Train your Dragon gives him an exciting style as an author and illustrator of Christian children's books that can captivate young audiences.

With over seventeen feature animated films to his credit, Kevin has decided to offer his gifts as an author and illustrator for the glory of God. He has a talent for spinning mystery and comedy into Biblical historical fiction in a way that brings the excitement of animated film to the pages of children's books.